Milk Tea

Pandan Milk Tea

Pandan Leaf with Mung Bean cooked in our special way to create this amazing milk drink that is our customers' number 1 favorite. Note: this drink doesn't contain caffeine.

Fresh Taro Milk Tea

Our fresh cooked taro always guarantee that this drink is fresh, delicious and creamy. This Milk Tea doesn't contain any caffeine.

Sea Cream Thai Tea

This Special Thai Iced Tea with Sea Salt Cream on top just awes our customers every time.

Classic Milk Tea

Ceylon tea is brewed perfectly, then mixed with our house fresh milk to create this classic and delightful milk tea.

Mango Milk Tea

Fresh mango blended so well in our flavorful premium jasmine tea delivers a fruity, super refreshing, but creamier twist.

Jasmine Milk Tea

Our premium Jasmine Milk Tea is so simple, so fragrant, so delicate with a bit of creamy twist that is definitely delightful to any tea appreciator. 

Green Milk Tea

Delicious Green Tea brewed by our high quality tea-leaf is served with fresh milk creates the balance in almost every aspects.

Tiger Milk Tea

Our Tiger Milk Tea, a sweet and creamy beverage, is made with a combination of strongly brewed Ceylon tea and Thai tea. This milk tea has such an unique aromatic flavor that is so unforgettable.

Special Tea

Strawberry Mojito

Green Tea with a touch of Strawberry, Lime and Mint Leaf that is so refreshing. This best selling drink during hot days works wonder to cool your mind and body.

Tropical Fruit Tea

This delicious and refreshing premium roasted oolong tea is mixed with mango, pineapple and passionfruit. Each sip is bursting with the sweet and tangy flavors of the tropics, and the aroma is simply heavenly.

Strawberry Hibiscus Refresher

Hibiscus Tea brewed with fresh Strawberry that is so refreshing during a hot day. The scent and the tartness of Hibiscus combines with the sweetness of Strawberry to create such a wonderful drink. Note: this item does not contain caffeine.

K.I.S Jasmine Tea

K.I.S = Keep It Simple or Keep It Strong. This Jasmine Tea is a strong, bold, delightful, simple iced tea that can awe all tea-lovers. Notes: sea cream available on top upon request only.

Honey Green Tea

Simple Strong Flavor Green Tea brewed by our high quality tea leaf served with our honey. This drink is yummy in its own special way, and tea-lovers will definitely like it.


House Special Coffee

A modernized style of Vietnamese Coffee which is less strong, less sweet, but is so well-balanced in many aspects. Served with our special sea cream on the top work wonders all the time.


Our coconut coffee smoothie is a refreshing and insanely delicious beverage that combines the rich, creamy flavors of coconut with our strong famous Vietnamese coffee. Give it a try and you will desire it for more.

Vietnamese Coffee

The famous Vietnamese Coffee, boosted by the sweetness of condensed milk, is strong, bold and super delicious. Needless to say, this is just so perfect for coffee lover.


Avocado Smoothie

Real avocado is used to create such a delicious milky smooth smoothie. This healthy smoothie is one of our signature.

Tiger Smoothie

Our Tiger smoothie roars to life with a much packed flavor of our original strong Thai Tea. Such a sweet, creamy, refreshing and tasty smoothie topped with Sea Cream that is so hard to find elsewhere.

Durian Smoothie

Exotic fruit with a strong smell, but so satisfying for anyone who dare to take it.

Green Apple Smoothie

A great combination of the slight tartness with the sweet apple taste makes this smoothie a surprising delicious treat to our customers.

Jackfruit Smoothie

Jackfruit, a rare fairly sweet flavor for smoothie, but never disappoint any customers who want to try it.

Mango Smoothie

The best texture smoothie at our shop. It brings the consistent of slightly sweet and tartness that will cheer you all day long.

Papaya Smoothie

Make with real papaya and our customers love this rare flavor and pleasant scent smoothie that can make people to come back day after day.

Pina Colada Smoothie

This Puerto Rico smoothie doesn't come with any alcohol, but still retain its pleasant flavor of pineapple and coconut that makes you feel so refreshing.

Pineapple Smoothie

If you want a sour smoothie, this is for you. Its tartness does overcome its sweetness a bit, but still guarantees the great taste of this smoothie.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

The only combined-flavor smoothie at our store and it does taste so great and refreshing.

Strawberry Smoothie

Good for kids, and will supercharge anyone after a great workout in such a healthy way.

Taro Smoothie

This real taro smoothie comes with a pleasant unforgettable scent. Its light sweetness will delight you.

Banana Smoothie

Ba ba ba, ba ba na na... If minions do exist, they will love to drink this super fresh banana and fun smoothie everyday.